Buddy Backpacker

“Heartwarming Adventure of Friendship!”

Join Buddy, a curious young backpacker, on an unforgettable adventure filled with friendship, acceptance, and empathy. In “Buddy Backpacker Finds Friends,” Buddy sets out to explore an unfamiliar place, encountering a diverse group of animals and creatures along the way. Through these encounters, Buddy learns valuable lessons about the power of friendship, the importance of accepting others for who they are, and the beauty of showing empathy towards those around us. This heartwarming tale captivates young readers with its engaging narrative, inspiring them to embrace the values of friendship, acceptance, and empathy in their own lives.

Written and Illustrated
by Sunny Slackpacker

Artist and Adventurer, “Sunny Slackpacker” guided Christian “Buddy Backpacker” Thomas known as the “Youngest Triple Crown Hiker” through over five years of record-breaking wilderness expeditions across 10,000 miles of the world’s long distance trails including The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Colorado Trail, and more!

Based on the real
Youngest Triple Crown Hiker
Christian “Buddy” Thomas
as seen in…