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In Appalachian Trail by Buddy Backpacker

We are so thankful to journalist Tony Casey for writing such a great article about Buddy Backpacker and his amazing accomplishments. He did a great job telling Buddy’s story and capturing his fantastic energy in the article!




This interview was set up by the great people at Uncle Johnny’s where we will be staying till monday morning to wait out the freezing cold weather that’s suppose to blow through tomorrow night. We are so appreciative of them letting us stay in their great little cabin until the cold front passes. Any south bounders who are still passing through, make sure to stop off at Johnny’s! They are so hospitable and really kind to thru hikers!

Last night our friend Simple we met up in Maine drove up from Atlanta to join us for a week or two on the trail. He is going to help us gather up some footage of Buddy hiking so we can put together a video when we are done about our whole experience that we will be able to show Buddy in 5-10 years and really encapsulate the whole story of our trip. We know that these memories will remain as Buddy grows up, he retains everything he sees and hears!

20131123-114317.jpgBuddy and Simple

Today the weather is not so great, it’s kind of cold and it was raining this morning, but it is suppose to clear up and hopefully turn into a decent day for them. Simple, Dion and Buddy started from Sam’s Gap and will end at Spivey Gap. It’s a pretty decent day, only 13 miles but there is a bit of elevation gain in the middle of the day. I hope that Simple, who has been off the trail for 2 months can keep up with vivacious Buddy B! When I was dropping them off at Sam’s Gap I finally got to meet Crunchmaster and Gospel who saved Buddy’s glove! They both seemed like really great guys, they were heading off for a big day with Crunchmasters cousin and meeting up with his dad Happy at the end of the day. I can’t wait till Thanksgiving so we can sit down, chat with them and get to know them a little bit! Tomorrow it is suppose to be bitterly cold so we are opting for a shorter 8 mile day, and spending the rest of the day and our last night at Uncle Johnnys snuggled up catching up on movies and work.


Silly Buddy Face