Dearest Hiker Trash & Hiker Class,

It has been our privilege to have met such amazing people these past two years. We would like to take some time and thank these individuals for their great contributions to our journey. The journey would not be possible without people like you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Trails,


2014 Gear Sponsors

Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike Thanks

Jack Haskel

Backpacker Magazine

Scout & Frodo

Warner Springs Monty

Ziggy & The Bear


Big Bear Hostel


Happy Tutu

Fish Lake Resort

Piute Mama

DIP, Becky & Cali

Mr & Mrs Saufley

Joe & Terrie Anderson

Lumber, Paul Bunyan, & Kentucky

Christine Vitterelli

Martha & Nick Vitterelli

So Way & Lil Diablo

Karen, Howie, & Cosmo Schwartz

Sage to Summit

Sugar Momma


Kate & Zach


TC Cockcroft

Reno Dave

Jan McEwen



Hand Me Down

Seiad Cafe

Happy Camp Family

John & Ester Phelps

Dionne & Family

Cindy Ceteras

Aiyana Green

Callahans Lodge

Mr. Tony George

Oregon Highway Crew

Fritz Family


Washington Angels

Trout Lake Store

Andrea & Jerry Dinsmore

Carolyn aka Ravensong

Dawn Bower

Rock Ocean

Guthook aka Ryan Linn

Angelica Mora

Chris Hall

Wylie Crazy Horse

30 Pack

Backcountry Ninjas

Marianna Scandole

Jackie Grennon-Brooks

Stephen Rego

Julius and Evenlyn Kramer

Ronald & Barbara Rego

Demos & Darlene Pagonis

Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Thanks

Warren Doyle

Laurie Potteiger

Baltimore Jack

Miss Janet

Jennifer Pharr Davis


Bonzo & Rio

Fidget & Mammy

Shenandoah Park Rangers

Lumpy, Rocket & Pilgrim

Florida Flip-Floppers

Blueberry & Grammy

Jerry & Sherri Thomas

Nathan &  Ethan Thomas

John & Jeanette Hotmer

Carol & Rick Lindamood

Thomas Levardi

Rock & Roll

Crazy Larry

Chet’s Place

Maine White House

Chris “Sit-A-Bit” LaRoche

Derek & Family

Michael Middleton

Amicolola Falls Lodge

Uncle Johnny Shores

Standing Bear Hostel

Teacher & Snacktime

Hiker Mom

Rise & Shine

Amy & Bill Emerson

Lily “Greenbean” Friend

NAPA Auto Boonsboro

Flavor Saver

Brian Hotmer

Daunissa Hechler

Doc & Sherpa

Lauralee Bliss

Adam & Ashley Brua

Farmer Chef & Crew

Porch & Tumbleweed

Thank You For Believing In Us!

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